Brake Burnishing

New Trailer Brake Burnishing Process

This process is to be used on new trailers or used trailers with new brake shoes if brakes are not working correctly

An effective burnish cycle to seat the friction materials into the opposing rotor and drum surfaces requires approximately 200 stops. As we know this can’t happen before a trailer is sold so therefore we recommend the following burnish procedure

  • Make approximately 20 complete stops from 30-mph or 20 “slow downs” from 50-mph to 20-mph with light to moderate pedal pressure
  • Do not make panic stops
  • Allow at least 30 seconds between brake applications for the brake pads or shoes to cool down
  • No high speed stops and/or braking under heavy loads that could result in glazed or otherwise damaged linings.

If you use these guidelines, the friction materials will have conformed to the surface of the drums or rotors and drastically improve your stopping performance. If you are having braking issues after correctly following this procedure your brakes may be in need of adjustment or service.