Sundowner Pro-Grade Toy Haulers are designed to transport you and your toys in style and comfort. Whether you want to haul motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles or car Sundowner offers endless options to make your trailer uniquely yours. The all aluminum construction means easier towing and longer durability. You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into your hobby - when it comes to hauling don’t settle for anything but the best.

Standard Features

Coupler: Adjustable Gooseneck, 2 5/16"

Construction: All aluminum

Floor: 4" I-Beam Crossmembers on 12" centers

Roof: One piece 0.040" aluminum

Walls: 2" Aluminum tubing wall uprights

Exterior: Full length 24" extruded sides with smooth 0.050" skin above


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Exterior Skin Colors: White, Black, Red, Champagne, Charcoal Gray, Silver

Axles/Brakes: Rubber torsion axles, 4 Wheel electric brakes with safety breakaway

Wheels: Aluminum

Tires: Nitrogen filled radial

Safety Lights: LED clearance and tail lights


Various Sizes and Options Shown

Toy Hauler 1686 GM
Toy Hauler 1786 GM
Toy Hauler 1786KM Krawler
Toy Hauler 2086 GM
Toy Hauler 2186 GM
Toy Hauler 2186 KM Krawler
Toy Hauler 2286 GM
Toy Hauler 2286 KM
Toy Hauler 2286 SGM
Toy Hauler 2486 GM
Toy Hauler 2486 SGM
Toy Hauler 2486 SKM Krawler
Toy Hauler 2586 SGM
Toy Hauler 2686 GM
Toy Hauler 3486 OM
Toy Hauler A3586 OM
Toy Hauler B3586 OM
Toy Hauler 3986 OM